The Office Cleaning Checklist

For an office to have that good appearance and good condition workplace hygiene and also for the fitness of each employee, the proper office cleaning materials are a must to have. Some of the general significant workplace cleaning materials includes disinfecting wipes, hand soap, trash bags, and paper towels, but the list will not stop there.

While the janitorial list will differ depending on the type, needs and sizes of your business. Below is the checklist gives a firm foundation for any tiny to mid-size business looking to maintain that span and office spick.

Office cleaning with vacuum

Here are the following Office Cleaning Supply Directories:

1. All-purpose spot and stain remover
2. Bath tissues of your choice
3. Baking soda for countertop and sink scrubber
4. Broom, brush and dustpan goes hand in hand.
5. Bucket
6. Disinfecting wipes and bleach like Clorox
7. Dish soap
8. Feather duster that does not need to be changed regularly.
9. Facial tissues
10. Floor cleaning solutions for those that are not preferred with the vinegar dilution.
11. Gloves, both the reusable and disposable
12. Hand soap of your preference
13. Kitchen cleaners like the sink scrubbers and for the disinfection of counters like counter spray.
14. Microfiber cleaning fabrics that may be re-used for some time
15. Paper towels of your pick
16. Sponges
17. Sponge mops or dry mops
18. Trash bags of fine quality
19. Toilet bowl cleaners
20. Vinegar that can be an alternative cleaning supply for surface and floor cleaning
21. Window or Glass cleaner
22. Wood polish for those offices that have several wooden surfaces

The caretaker head or janitorial personnel must coordinate with the office manager in charge of the supplies to make sure that the standard supplies are still on hand, and making certain that they are being placed for a maximize and better use. The implementation and availability of the tools are your answer to maintaining a healthier, cleaner and fresher office outlook.

The simple 5-day office cleaning timetable

The moment the caretaker personnel obtained the proper cleaning materials, it is that moment to craft the regular cleaning program. Some of the tasks must be completed each day so that one can maintain that proper hygiene, while there are some places in the office that needs to be done at least once a week. For some companies that are not a fan of commercial cleaning services; be sure that there is someone among your staff that will be in charge of retaining the following 5-day cleaning schedule.

The Daily Cleaning Tasks

The common office spaces are getting germy fastest that the other areas simply because, they are used by several people, so concentrate your daily cleaning chores on these areas. Apply those cleaning supplies that will take care of the after daily tasks:

1. Empty those trash cans that are or near its capacity and then insert the new trash bag.
2. Disinfect light switches, faucets, doorknobs, refrigerator handles, and some of those high-contact surfaces.
3. Refill soap, paper towel dispensers and bath tissues in the kitchen and bathroom areas.
4. Clean and disinfect the urinals, sinks, toilets, fixtures like door knobs and paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms.
5. Mop and sweep bathroom floors.
6. Wash and set away any left out dishes in the break or in the kitchen.
7. Clean and sanitize as well the kitchen sink.
8. Sanitize the kitchen countertops too.
9. Mop, vacuum or sweep the floors that always in high-traffic locale.
10. Organize those office clutters.

Remember to sweep the porch outside the business premises or the sidewalks and tidy up the debris or exterior clutter. This area is the one that is often ignored, but it is essential for keeping a presentable work station.

The Weekly Cleaning Tasks

There are some cleaning duties that do not need to be done on an everyday basis, and it must be completed at least once every week just to give that deep clean in the office. Here are the following duties that falls in this category.

1. Disinfect all the flat surfaces like the tables and desks.
2. Mop all tiled and hard floors.
3. Vacuum all mats and carpets.
4. Wipe down every window and glass surfaces which includes the outside and the inside of windows.
5. Wipe down every mirror.
6. Empty and sanitize every trash bins, and once they have dried up, replace the liners.
7. Make sure to clean every wall with evident markings.
8. Dust all hard surfaces, computers, lamps, and the like.
9. If there are any leftovers in the common refrigerator, discard it.
10. Wipe down the inner surface of the refrigerator.
11. Buff hard the floors.
12. Polish the brass on doors, drawers, cabinets, and the like.

Office Cleaning Supplies

Having that proper supply will help you maintain a safer, healthier workplace and with this procedure being practical, it will disappear or at lease ease absenteeism. These tasks will make sure that the office will be presentable at all time and will give a more pleasant setting for both the clients and employees too.

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