A view of commercial cleaning business

In reality, commercial cleanings are a broad phrase predominantly applied by the cleaning companies that earns an income through being contracted by businesses, corporations or individuals to carry out the cleaning jobs within a diversity of premises. The cleaning companies may be found nearly in every city and towns around the world, with the higher awareness in affluent areas. Typically, these corporations market their assistance through the sales force that is professional in advertisement, websites or word of mouth.

The following premises that can be assisted by commercial cleaning are:

  1. Shops and Data Centers
  2. High-rises and Airports
  3. Schools and Restaurants
  4. Office Showrooms and Warehouse Factories
  5. Medical facilities and Government facilities


The contractors usually require the cleaning corporations to provide the consumables like the paper towels, liquid soap, toilet rolls, bin liners and the like.

The Workers

The commercial cleaning companies are extremely competitive and their employees apt to be in the lower end pay scale. But, the unionized workers will be able to earn higher wages. There are lots of commercial cleaning companies now that give on-the-job (OJT) training for all of their employees both new and old, to teach with the newly employed and to remind the old employees. This training is due to lack of existing tertiary based course in the cleaning industry. The trend in the industry of cleaning is the exclusion of the handling of more dangerous chemicals like the drain cleaners because of the liability and environmental worries. Those individuals that are employed in the commercial cleaning normally hold the job titles like janitors, day porter or custodian.

In Australia, Europe and US, commercial cleaning corporations were encouraged to thoroughly check all the applicant and employees for possible evidence of criminal records. In some states like UK, the cleaners that work in the schools, childcare premises and children’s care homes are obliged by the state law to undertake the criminal record check.

The cleaning techniques and cleaning equipment

Commercial cleaning equioptment

The commercial office cleanup companies used an extensive variety of cleaning chemicals, methods, and equipment that will facilitate and accelerate the cleaning procedures. The scope of the work will include all routine, general and internal cleaning. It includes the cleaning of floors, tiles, window cleaning, internal walls, partition walls, furniture and cleaning, suspended ceilings, lighting, deep cleaning of sanitary conveniences and the washing facilities, like the kitchens and the dining areas, the feminine hygiene and consumables facilities plus the cleaning of IT, telephones, and some other periodic cleaning that is required. Even with consistent vacuuming, the carpet cleaning needs warm water extraction to be put on every 18-24 months. The external cleaning, removal of graffiti and litter picking can be incorporated too.

The two worldwide associations of the cleaning industry both published standards for operatives and managers engaged in the cleaning activities.

The two kinds of equipment used in cleaning

Manual Equipment

The manual cleaning equipment was dependent on the energies of each employee and the operation. The maximum techniques and efforts are placed in by the cleaning employees with the help of some equipment.

  1. Microfiber Cloth – is a perfect tool to swab the surfaces in bathrooms, common areas and the room as a whole. It can be washed-up to 500 periods and are very durable. It is a soft cloth that will surely not scratch surfaces.
  2. Abrasives – are composed of grit papers that can be applied to clean metal or wooden surfaces.
  3. Brushes – there are different kinds of brushes such as hard floor brush, scrubbing brush, soft floor brush, toilet brush, feather, brush, flue brush, broom, hand brush and a lot more. Each different brush has their specified uses to eradicate ingrained grimes or superficial depending on its nature.
  4. Brooms – it can be applied when cleaning the hard surface for a fast dust up of hairs or some dirt.

Mechanical Equipment

These kinds of equipment can either be battery operated or powered by electricity. The mechanical machines will surely ease the labor and will speed up the time of cleaning in an efficient way.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner – this is the most common used cleaning machine. This machine can fit any type of upholstery or floor surface and is so easy to operate.
  2. Polishing Machine – this machine works to give back the missing shine of the floor.
  3. Floor scrubber – this machine is so versatile to have. There are floor scrubbers that may clean all kinds of floors with a single pass. This machine can wash, dry and scrub tiles, hard floors, carpets, industrial floors, safety mats, and a lot more.
  4. Steam Vapor Machine – this machine is best to have in your owning of steam cleaning machine. It will give you with a totally deep clean that are both sanitized and visually clean. The machine must produce steam heat off until +165 degrees Celsius. Steaming at this high warmness is ideal for taking out the caked on grease, bacteria from bathrooms, removing of fats in the kitchens and the killing of bed bugs.

There are sites that are providing deeper knowledge and training for cleaners that will operate the equipments, as well as the resources and tools for a refresher training program if needed, so the clients need not to worry about the technical capabilities. Keeping the machines chemical-free is the best way to guard the hotel towards poor air quality and allergic reactions. This is the future! Getting things done and clean without chemicals, but with machines on hand!

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